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Our mission is simple: We help ambitious law firm owners create massively profitable law firms that are FUN to run and support the lifestyle you want to live.

Here's The Deal

But if you don’t already know a Member of How To Manage A Small Law Firm you’re in luck.

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We are known for helping our clients build 7-figure firms.

And we do it with a simple, common-sense formula that no law school on earth teaches. 

But it takes a certain kind of person with a special kind of motivation and willingness, and an unwavering commitment to growth to really “get” how we do this. 

Are you willing to learn to think differently? To make faster decisions? To see your own exponential growth as an investment rather than an expense? 

I hope that’s a rhetorical question. Because if we have to CONVINCE you to take a step towards massive growth, this probably isn’t for you. 

But, if you made the courageous choice to own your own firm because you value the same thing we do—FREEDOMyou’re in the right place.

Here’s what you need to know-

As of today, we have between a 3-9 month waiting list for our CEO, COO & CFO services. We have a much shorter waiting list for our very popular “Small Law Firm University” which has proven to help people just like you increase their revenue, free up their time and systematize their growth.

We have a number of Members who have volunteered to “pay it forward” by generously setting-aside a certain number of hours each month to speak with prospective new Members, share their own stories, answer your questions and just generally help you (and help us) decide if it’s likely we’re going to be a good fit for you.

CLICK HERE to be introduced to one of our Members so you can schedule your call to learn more.

Here’s Why We Ask You To Take These Steps Rather Than Just Automatically Letting In Anyone Who Shows Interest.

We’ve lost count of how many law firm owners think this is too good to be true.

So we wanted to get in front of that skepticism by offering you the chance to speak to one of our actual members first so you could ask all the questions you want and get truthful answers from someone who was skeptical too until they tried it and their lives changed.

The Bottom Line

What you’ve done up to this point has gotten you this far. 

New results require new action, new strategies and new answers. 

If you want 2022 to be the year everything changes for you, click here to be matched with one of our members.


See Them Say It In Their Own Words

"When I did the Bootcamp, it really explained to me a roadmap and showed me where I needed to go and how I could get there."

-Meldie Moore, Moore Law For Children, Laguna Beach, CA

“We planned it, I went for it and it worked! We laid out how to grow a million-dollar firm on paper and oct of 2017 is exactly when we hit it. My stress level has plummeted!”

-Brett Trembly, Trembly Law Firm, Miami, FL

“When we first joined, I think the biggest myth was, ‘we’re different, we practice immigration law what they’re teaching us really doesn’t apply to us. Maybe for other types of law.’ That was the biggest one, and at the end of the day we found out that what we’re all learning is how to create a successful business.

-Alfredo Lozano, The Lozano Law Firm, San Antonio, TX

“I wanted to have more profit so I could do more for my family. When I started (at How to Manage) I was at $340,000 and now I’m at $665,000 which is close to double what I did two years ago!”

-Liisa Speaker
Speaker Law Firm, PLLC

“It’s really not about the money. It’s about building something that can give me more freedom. Once I built this firm that can run without me that’s going to allow me to spend more time with my kids. We try and provide them the things that they need no matter what… But it’s a whole lot easier to do that with a million dollar law firm. 

My goal for 2017 was to end the year at $350,000, and I ended the year at $500,000. As I stand here before you today my goal for 2018 is to gross a million dollars.”

-Holly Moore, Moore Family Law Group, Corona, CA

“Before I joined How To Manage, I had gotten pretty far in my life, you know at a very young age, but I had no clue how. 

You’re not going to join this and hope that in 12 months you have a 7-figure firm. This is not a magic pill. You’re gonna work harder than you ever have before but you’re going to work harder on the smart things or the things that are going to drive you forward and move you forward and not just grinding and getting nowhere.”

-Sara Khaki, Atlanta Divorce Law Group & The Khaki Law Firm, Atlanta, GA

“It’s been one year so in this one year since joining the program my gross revenues grew 48%. The best thing I did was create systems so that I could offload the burden of everything that I was carrying on my own shoulders and develop a team.

 This program is brought out incredible richness within myself, and not only monetary riches but also inner riches. Part of that comes from the freedom of not having to carry everything all the time.” 

-Michael Cohen, Michael H Cohen Law Group, Palo Alto, CA

“This has probably been the best investment I’ve ever made into not only my law firm, but myself personally ... ever! I wake up every day blessed as to how I get to live and the life I get to give my kids.”

-Ellaretha Coleman, E. Jones & Associates, Atlanta, GA

“There’s defining moments in a person’s life and one of those moments for me is when I chose to join How to Manage A Small Law Firm.”

-Jeremy Hugus
Platte River Law Firm

Frequently Asked Questions


Since 2010 we have grown How To Manage A Small Law Firm more than EIGHT THOUSAND PERCENT (8,000%). Gross revenues have grown from TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ($200,000) in 2010 to more than SEVENTEEN MILLION DOLLARS ($17,000,000) in 2020. 

Inc Magazine has recognized our growth by naming us to their annual list of the 5,000 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in the United States every year since 2015.

And our Members had so much success in 2020 (yes, that 2020!) that our own business grew more than seventeen percent (17%).

But we don’t take just anyone, and here’s why-

In fact, the success our members have achieved has led to overwhelming demand, and that is why at this time we can accept new engagements by referral-only. 

Meaning, you must be referred by one of our existing members of how to manage a small law firm, in order to participate in our programs.

Keep Reading to find out how you can get in on this even if you don’t yet know one of our members. 

But we don’t take just anyone, and here’s why-