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JULY  19, 2024        NEW ORLEANS

Join us in New Orleans

Friday, July 19th 

Every quarter we invite a few dozen law firm owners who are serious about building a more successful law firm to join us for the day and discover why more than 600 of some of the most successful small law firm owners in the country count on How To Manage A Small Law Firm to help them manage, grow, maximize profits and have more fun when they learn how to become an entrepreneur who owns a law firm.

The largest law firm we help to manage grossed more than $25 million dollars in 2023. More than 100 of our Members have firms still in the first stage of growth ($0 - 250,000).

Come and experience what it’s like to step into a room where you are celebrated for being an entrepreneur who happens to own a law firm, by hundreds of other entrepreneurs who own some of the fastest growing and most profitable law firms in the country.

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Not only is your $997 seat deposit fully refundable when you show up for the event, if you decide you did not get value from the day, you will be reimbursed up to $500 for your travel expenses.

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  1. Plug holes in your law firm’s marketing & sales that may be are probably causing thousands of dollars of profits to leak out of your law firm (AND LIFE) each & every month

  2. Patch up inefficiencies in production that are probably driving you crazy and definitely costing you thousands MORE dollars of profit per month

  3. Figure out how to put better financial controls in place to transform your law firm from a cash-eating monster to a money-making machine

Connect with hundreds of growth-driven lawyers

Change Your Law Firm and Your Life!

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Doug Rohan

If you don't think you need this, that's probably a stronger indication that you do.


Tim Sechler

It sounds too good to be true—but it's not. You have to get serious about being the owner of a law firm rather than a lawyer. The folks at How To Manage will help you do it.


Jon Howell

You're immediately given tools that you can use in your practice right away.


Schedule an Informational Consultation

IN JUST ONE DAY, learn how to spot three (3) of the biggest “Move-The-Needle” opportunities to GROW your law firm and MAXIMIZE profitability.

Thousands of the most successful law firm owners in the country trust us to help them shape the future of their firms and create true profit:

At How To Manage A Small Law Firm, we’ll celebrate your firm’s gross revenue, bottom line profits, predictability of cash flow, the number of days, weeks and eventually months in a row you can be away from your firm with defined “Emergency Access Only” and while you’re away, each of the 7 main parts of your business keep going, growing and working for you.

Plus, we have a strict “No Assholes” policy.

Our Members own some of the fastest growing and most profitable law firms in the country. And some of our Members are still earlier in their journey; but with the support of our team of shockingly well trained, well qualified and fully committed law firm CEOs, COOs, CFOs & CMOs and our whole community of “pay it forward” entrepreneurial lawyers we’re helping these members transform their law firms into highly successful businesses, too.

It all begins with a call. We’d like to speak with you to find out where you’re at with your business today, what you’re hoping to achieve (by when), and how motivated you actually are. 

There is no fee to join us for a Discovery Day, though we will ask for a small “show up” deposit so we can reserve your seat and have confidence when we have to turn down someone else. You will receive a check in the amount of your full deposit along with your full registration package the moment you arrive. And of course, if we invite you to attend a Discovery Day and you don’t agree your day with us was a good investment of your time you will not only receive your “show up” deposit, we’ll even reimburse you for a portion of your travel cost. So it’s “on us” to be sure we think we can really help you and that you will be a great long term addition to our community of highly-entrepreneurial, “pay it forward” law firm owners.

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