You need systems in place to run your firm effectively. But it doesn’t have to be painful! Instead of letting this critical task languish, along with the benefits you COULD be enjoying from a streamlined system, take charge, get the checklist, and get solid policies and procedures in place for your law firm.

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Steal this Low-Pain, High-Impact Policies and Procedures Checklist for Small Law Firms!

This Exclusive Checklist Covers The 24 Key Policies You Need To Have In Place To Protect Yourself And Grow Your Business

  • The 12 internal policies that spell-out your company rules and regulations so that you can manage your team and maximize your potential for higher profits

  • The 12 external policies that position your firm as an authority in your niche and keep you organized and on an upward trajectory

Writing an operating manual for my law firm will be fun! SAID NO ONE EVER!  

There is no reason to delay the process of scaling your business. 


We’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you and compiled a comprehensive list of policies and procedures we know are vital to your sustained success. Go through, check the boxes, and set yourself up for your best year yet.


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