Is Your Firm’s Website Losing You Clients?

Use Our FREE Solo or Small Law Firm Website Checklist

Evaluate your website’s performance, usability, and content to spot specific areas for improvement that can help you attract the right kinds of clients and close them more easily.


Your website is an essential tool to bring in the right kinds of clients at the right time with the right mindset and persuade them to talk with you about handling their legal matter. For bonus points, it should help you dissuade the wrong clients from even contacting you! 

Our website checklist helps you evaluate your current website to determine how well it’s driving prospective clients to engage your services. We’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of small law firm owners identify and address gaps and weaknesses on their websites so they can attract the right kinds of cases and win more clients.

Make visiting your website feel worth the time and energy that prospective clients put in when looking for a lawyer.

Put the RIGHT information in the RIGHT places

Provide an overview of your specific services so prospective clients KNOW WHAT THEY’RE GETTING

Tailor the experience to the clients you ACTUALLY want

Make your call to action SO UNDENIABLY ATTRACTIVE that prospective clients do WHAT YOU WANT - pick up the phone!

Your website offers prospective clients an opportunity to build their first impression of your firm.

Don’t let it go to waste!

Are you ready to take your online presence to the next level? Your website is a vital asset for attracting clients and showcasing your legal expertise. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to optimize your website for success.

Download our comprehensive website checklist designed specifically for law firm owners like you.

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